Just completed the basic obedience training with delta one canines. The sessions were fantastic, and the improvement in our German shepherd pup has been unbelievable! Anne and Gill were amazing, and made the sessions really digestible with real progress made every single week. We were even able to do the bronze good citizenship award alongside the obedience training. Would definitely recommend to anyone. We will definitely be coming back for more training.

Sophie Shaw. January 2019

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“Many thanks to Bob and Gill at Delta One Canines for all their help with “Rosie”. I have learned so much during the training course.” – Angela Reeve. June 2018

“My dog, Finley, has progressed rapidly at Delta One, passing his Silver Award recently and now moving towards Gold. He is a very intelligent dog (Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier) but was readily distracted in a group class. Gill has worked hard with us , creating a calm learning environment that has brought out the best in him. I am now gaining confidence to do off lead work that I never thought possible. I travel quite a long way to class but would go even further to receive the support they have given me. Seeing him focusing on the obedience tasks and carrying them out speedily and stylishly has genuinely been a sheer joy. Thanks a million, Delta One!! ”  Julie Lomas December 2018

Had a fantastic days training with Bob at Delta One Canines. I have never before seen my dog so enthusiastic. Looking forward to the next session”. Lorraine Flett. July 2018

“Bob and Gill are always willing to help. They listen to scenarios that you encounter and recreate them so that you can learn how to approach them. Their love of dogs, and determination to help owners to meet their dogs needs show with every session”. Jodie Jackman November 2018

“It has been hard work but with lots of help from Bob, Gill and Anne “Meg” has achieved her Bronze certificate. I am so grateful for all the help I have been given. Thank you”. Pat Jowett and Meg.  November 2018

“Branston has become a more obedient border terrorist with his training at delta one. Little things mean a lot when you have a puppy and to see him want to please me and I think this makes him better at socialising at this early age. Thank you”. Kevin Melville October 2018

“Great training with our rescue dog. The improvement has made all the hard work worthwhile. Will recommend Bob to others in our rescue group”. Claire Holloway . July 2018

“I have just completed an 8 week training course with Delta. Our 55kg crossbreed needed two people to walk him on the lead when we adopted him and the difference after completing training is amazing. He is like a different dog and we got our Kennel Club Bronze Award through Delta. Bob and the team were brilliant throughout and I look forward to seeing them again soon when we come back for our silver award!” Curt Bluck.  October 2018

“Had a fantastic course with Bob, he taught me how to properly communicate with Rosie rather than barking orders. A tried and true professional.” – Thomas Green. August 2018

“Another fantastic days training with Bob. My dog is improving beyond all expectations. My thanks to the team at Delta One”. Lauren and “Raiden”

“I recently enrolled and participated in the Level I Award in Safe Dog Handling and Management – Mar 19 & 26. The course content was very useful. Learnt a great deal about the bond/relationship between Dog/Handler, Dog Psychology/Body Language, Legislation and above all else what stood out and was really emphasised was that training is supposed to be fun. It certainly was! The facilities were great. Decent location and field space. Plenty of tea and biscuits ‘on tap’. Formally informal classroom arrangement with lots of opportunity for group discussion and learning from others. I would highly recommend this course for anyone thinking of or wishing to develop/hone their dog training skills to bring out the best in them and their dog” – Alex Watt

“Enjoyable and learnt loads. Thanks”. Lynne Angus. March 2018

“Was a really good and very interesting course – gave us plenty to think about and will hopefully make us more aware of our dogs (and other dogs) behaviour which in turn will make us better dog owners/handlers – thank you Delta One Canine” – Sandra Haynes. March 2018

Yes thanks all. Really enjoyed it and came away feeling inspired” – Craig Greenway. March 2018

“So pleased at achieving the Gold award with ‘Jonny’. Fantastic training with Bob and Gill. Enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks guys!” Barry Garnham July 2018

So pleased with the behaviourial consultation and the follow up training. Achieving the Good Citizen award was beyond my dreams. Thanks to all at Delta One Canines. Wendy Black. June 2018

“Today me and my staffy Reggie passed the kennel club bronze award… all thanks to Gill! She has really taught me how to handle and lead Reggie with ease. Along with picking up some handy tips and tricks during each lesson. I couldn’t have done it without her. Already looking forward to start training for our silver award next week. Putting Staffordshire Bull Terriers on the map for all the right reasons” – Sophie Emma Morris

Just passed K.C. Good Citizen Bronze with “Zoot”. I am so proud of him. There was a time when I thought I would never get anywhere with him. Thanks to Bob and Gill at Delta One Canines for their help and guidance. Silver award here I come!.” – Debbie Kelly

“Really good course. Me and my dog learned loads. It has been most beneficial for us both.” – Marc Constable

“Today I passed my Good Citizen test with “Bobby” my working Cocker. I am so pleased with the training I received from Bob at Delta One Canines. It has been a pleasure and a revelation. I have learnt so much. Now working towards the next level.” – Yvette Tipping