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I was honoured to once again be invited by the Midland Rottweiler Club to carry out the temperament assessments  at their Championship show held on Friday at the Kennel Club centre at Stoneleigh.

The idea behind these tests is to demonstrate that not only do the dogs look good but that their temperament is sound. Each dog that is voluntarily put forward for the assessment, is put through a series of practically based exercises to demonstrate that they are able to cope with what ever faces them in the real world. These exercises included passing a moving wheelbarrow loaded with empty cans, being left in isolation and being approached by an unusually dressed person acting in an unusual manner!

I have carried out these assessments a number of times and it is my opinion that the temperament of the dogs assessed is one to be proud of.

 The M.R.C. are to be congratulated for continuing to promote these assessments. I would like to see other breed societies pick up the gauntlet and stage similar tests at their shows.

My thanks to my friend and associate trainer Bob Brown for his invaluable help during the day.

Finally, thanks to the M.R.C. for their invitation to carry out this responsible task. It was, as always, a pleasure…..Bob.

A selection of photos of the various parts of the assessment are shown below.

Reviews received on the recent Level I course

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Learnt loads.  Barry Garnham

Was a really good and very interesting course - gave us plenty to think about and will hopefully make us more aware of our dogs (and other dogs) behaviour which in turn will make us better dog owners/handlers - thank you Delta One Canines …Sandra Haynes


Yes thanks all. Really enjoyed it and came away feeling inspired…..Craig Greenway

I would love to finish the course. I really enjoyed the first half, it was informative and fun, it was such a shame Star was so poorly that I couldn't make the second day….Rachel Devonish


Enjoyable and learnt loads. Thanks….Lynne Angus


I recently enrolled and participated in the Level I Award in Safe Dog Handling and Management – Mar 19 & 26.

The course content was very useful. Learnt a great deal about the bond/relationship between Dog/Handler, Dog Psychology/Body Language, Legislation and above all else what stood out and was really emphasised was that training is supposed to be fun. It certainly was!

The facilities were great. Decent location and field space. Plenty of tea and biscuits 'on tap'.

Formally informal classroom arrangement with lots of opportunity for group discussion and learning from others.

I would highly recommend this course for anyone thinking of or wishing to develop/hone their dog training skills to bring out the best in them and their dog……Alex Watt



March 2018

The recent Level I award in dog handling safety and management was successfully completed with in excess of a dozen candidates achieving the qualification.

The selection of photos show candidates and their instructors taking part in obedience, searching, and K.C. Good citizen assessments. 

We had an excellent training session at Delta One Canines this afternoon. Never seen my dog so switched on! Did some really good positive work. Very informative and learned a lot. Looking forward to the next time!

Lorraine Flett March 2018

Today I passed my Good Citizen test with "Bobby" my working Cocker. I am so pleased with the training I received from Bob at Delta One Canines. It has been a pleasure and a revelation. I have learnt so much. Now working towards the next level.

Yvette Tipping 11 March 2018

Level I Award in Safe Dog Handling and Management.

This award is presented by National Association of Security Dog Users and is recognised by H.A.B.C. (Awarding body).

Completion of the course results in certification from N.A.S.D.U.

The course is ideal for dog club instructors, kennel staff, dog walkers, rescue organisations, in fact any dog enthusiast, whether amateur or professional, who wishes to gain further knowledge about the handling and management of dogs. It is a valuable addition to C.P.D.

It is a classroom based course with additional practical dog training sessions.

Elements of the course include:

  • Handling and obedience
  • Care of dog & equipment
  • Legislation
  • Canine body language
  • Senses of the dog
  • Human/dog interaction
  • Muzzle training.

Time & date: 9.00a.m. – 4.30p.m. Monday 19 March and Monday 26 March . (Total 15 G.L.H.)

Venue: Delta One Canines, Bell Green Community Centre, Old Church Rd., Coventry CV6 7BZ

Total price (including registration and certification): £50.00.

To register, or for more information contact via: Facebook, or or phone 07966 535854.

Today me and my staffy Reggie passed the kennel club bronze award... all thanks to Gill! She has really taught me how to handle and lead Reggie with ease. Along with picking up some handy tips and tricks during each lesson. I couldn’t have done it without her. Already looking forward to start training for our silver award next week. Putting Staffordshire Bull Terriers on the map for all the right reasons

Sophie Emma Morris. February 2018

Many thanks to Bob and Gill at Delta One Canines for all their help with "Rosie". I have learned so much during the training course.

Angela Reeve. February 2018

The next Responsible Dog Ownership Course which was  developed by Delta One Canines in association with West Midlands Police will be on 1 March 2018.


The objective of the course is to provide information to  owners so that they are more aware of why their dogs do certain things and what they as owners can do to ensure their dogs are managed correctly and do not cause harm or nuisance to others.

Content includes an overview of canine behaviour, legislation relating to dogs, and guidance on dog training and management to prevent owners falling foul of the law.


The next course will be delivered at the Delta One Canines venue in Old Church Rd. Coventry.


The cost per person is £25.00.


Any persons interested in attending are invited to contact me either via F.B. or phone 07966 535854 to book a place…..Bob.

I can seriously recommend Bob Haynes and his Delta One Canines for behavioural help. My Doberman will be forever grateful to will I!

Jacqui Fisher January 2018

Anne Henwood, who is a long standing client of Delta One Canines, is pictured with her dog "Crystal" having successfully completed the K.C.C.G.C assessment at Silver level.

Anne, who is a trainee instructor with B.A.G.S.D. has trained previous dogs with Delta One Canines in both obedience and searching.

Anne and "Crystal" are now working towards their Gold award.  Well done!

December 2017


Another Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen success but with a slight difference. 

Sue Ellis recently successfully completed the Bronze level assessment with her two dogs "Milo" and "Alfie". To train two dogs at the same time is certainly a worthy achievement. To train them to this level is outstanding. Congratulations Sue.

I am very grateful to Bob of Delta One Canines for the help he gave me with "Milo" and "Alfie". They are now so much better behaved and I learnt so much. Being awarded Kennel Club certificates and rosettes was the icing on the cake.

Sue Ellis.

Dog training classes.

A few words of wisdom from the Kennel Club:

“A dog training class (or one to one tuition) is NOT there to train your dog. Its purpose is to teach you how to train your dog. You should leave the dog training session with sufficient knowledge to train your dog in short sessions spread over the following week. Then week after week you gain additional knowledge to increase the level of your dog’s training.

The idea that the dog will learn simply by attending a training session once a week should not be entertained.

The commitment of the owner is vital to ensure that the training continues as directed. The result then will invariably be a well behaved dog that is a pleasure to own”.

This idea is one that Delta One Canines, and others, have promoted for many years. We do not train dogs, we train owners!....Bob.


November 2017

When I started my basic obedience course with "Buddy" I was very nervous and did not think I would succeed. However, thanks to Bobs personal tuition I have achieved the Kennel Club Bronze award and am really enjoying my time training with "Buddy". I definitely recommend Bob and Gill at Delta One Canines.

Sue Dakin 13 November 2017.

*PROPERTY SEARCH COURSE* I’d been looking for another project for my Dog and I to get involved in and I’m glad I chose the property search course with Bob. I had a great time both learning and seeing Jackson become a search dog over the 8 week course. You will learn all about the practice and theory involved with searching, Bob clearly explains everything you will be doing and why you are doing it. Bob is always patient and full of knowledge which will help you to see everything from your dog's point of view. I don't want to be giving his secrets and methods away but what I will say is that over the 8 weeks I saw my GSD go from learning the very basics of property search to us working together in many different ways and environments. It really was an amazing and proud moment. Once you have taught your dog how to search it’s a skill you will always have and, no matter how many dogs you have in your life, this is something they could really enjoy. It was a great way to expel my dog's energy, as a 15-20min search can be the equivalent to an hours walk and I found it really easy to incorporate it into our daily routine. Thanks Bob.

Nathan Miller. 1st November 2017

October 2017

Nick Bath, a client of Delta One Canines, is pictured with his dog "Velma"whilst being assessed for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Award, Silver level,  by the K.C. assessor, Gill Roberts.

Nick has previously qualified with his other dog "Scooby" at Bronze, Silver,  and Gold levels.

As the second picture shows, the assessment was successful.  

Nick and Velma are now working towards the Gold award.....Well done!.

John Laughran with his Labrador "Hudson" after successfully completing the K.C. Good Citizen assessment, Bronze level.

"I am very grateful to Bob Haynes of Delta One Canines for his continuing help with "Hudson". The consultation we had at home followed by the ongoing training is giving us great results".

John Loughran.




September 2017

Thank you to Bob Haynes for the very informative Responsible Dog Ownership course on Thursday. I can highly recommend

Susan Daykin 22 Sept.2017

Advice from the Kennel Club.

The following quote has been taken from the Kennel Club web site and is referring to choices that owners should make before getting involved in any dog training activity, especially, but not exclusively, with puppies.

“Remember that a free for all group of puppies playing happily off the lead may seem attractive but can very quickly become out of hand and even frighten your puppy. The same applies to older dogs that certainly benefit from and playing as a reward but only if they respond immediately to the owners command”.

I have been warning about the potential problems of allowing dogs, but especially puppies, free play with other dogs without adequate discipline being introduced, for quite some time. It is encouraging to see that the Kennel Club are in agreement with me!....Bob.

The Responsible Dog Ownership Course was developed by Delta One Canines in association with the West Midlands Police.

The course is made available by referral, to persons who have offended under the Dangerous Dogs Act at what is considered to be a minor level.

Due to interest in the availability of the course it has been decided to make this course available to the general public. The intention of the course is to educate owners so they are more aware of why their dogs do certain things and what they as owners can do to ensure their dogs are managed correctly and do not cause harm or nuisance to others.

Due to the success of these courses and the amount of interest generated, further courses will be available. To book a place on this course or to enquire about any of the other courses offered contact Delta One Canines on 07966 535 854.

Responsible Dog Ownership Course


Delta One Canines Venue, Old Church Road, Coventry CV6 7BZ

  • Bookings Available Now

A big thank you to Bob Haynes of Delta One Canines for helping LouLou to pass her silver award . We are so proud of her 🐾🐾🐾

Jacqui Owen

August 2017

“Very happy with the progress Hudson and I made today.we went up to see Bob Haynes at delta one canines for our first session.I think we did well.earlier days but now on the right track.a big thankyou to Bob......”

John Laughran – 12th August 2017

The Responsible Dog Ownership Course was developed by Delta One Canines in association with the West Midlands Police.

The course is made available by referral, to persons who have offended under the Dangerous Dogs Act at what is considered to be a minor level.

Due to interest in the availability of the course it has been decided to make this course available to the general public. The intention of the course is to educate owners so they are more aware of why their dogs do certain things and what they as owners can do to ensure their dogs are managed correctly and do not cause harm or nuisance to others.

The first course open to the general public ran on Thursday, 10th August 2017

The course was well attended ........

Very Informative course Bob, thanks for sharing your knowledge and helping us to be more responsible dog owners!

Great course Bob - very interesting and lots to think about! Thank you

To enquire about future Responsible Dog Ownership courses or any of the other courses offered contact Delta One Canines on 07966 535 854.

July 2017

On the 16th July K.C.G.C. Gold Awards were awarded to Ross and Sharon Allen who successfully completed the K.C.G.C Gold Scheme with their two adopted rescue dogs, Tiberius and Dax.

The Gold Award is the highest level of achievement within the Scheme awards. It builds upon the skills learnt in the Silver Award and develops more advance training skills of the dog and handler. The Gold Award introduces new concepts such as sending a dog to Bed, Relaxed Isolation, an Emergency Stop and Heelwork off the lead, all of which provide greater understanding and control.

Congratulations to all!

The K.C.G.C Scheme is offered at various levels and is open to all for more information go to K.C. Good Citizen Scheme or contact Delta One Canines on 07966 535 854

We have always had German Shepherds, and after a two year hiatus after losing our last beloved dogs, we decided to rescue two youngsters. Enter Dax and Tiberius - gorgeous animals, but both needed a lot of training. Bob was recommended to us, and there has been no looking back. Thanks to his excellent training (mainly of us, not the dogs!), patience and understanding, we are making progress and are enjoying seeing the steady improvement in our two much loved delinquents! With Gill assisting, we have now passed our Gold Good Citizen Award with both dogs. Thank you both for all your dedication and wisdom. It is much appreciated.

Ross and Sharon Allen - July 2017

Collected his Kennel club good citizen Silver Award today. Now to concentrate in the Gold. Thank you again Bob Haynes

Barry Garnham July 2017


Yay we passed!!! ☺️🐶🥉 Many thanks to Deltaone Canines for the fantastic lessons and sharing their knowledge and expertise, Pablo and I have learnt loads and we hope to see you again very soon!

Alison Howell. June 2017