K.C.Good Citizen Gold Award

Continuation Training
November 28, 2018
Bronze K.C. Good Citizen Success.
December 16, 2018

K.C.Good Citizen Gold Award

K.C. Good Citizen….Gold Award.

A client of Delta One Canines, Barry Garnham, celebrated his birthday recently in a unique way. Barry and his Doberman “Jonny” were successful in completing the Kennel Club Good Citizen award at Gold Level.

This team have already achieved success at Bronze and Silver level. Additionally they have completed a Search course and have achieved the National Association of Security Dog Users Level I award in Safe Dog Handling.

The pictures show Barry, “Jonny” and the assessor, Gill Roberts, at various stages of the assessment and finally with their well earned certificate.

Congratulations Barry! Your hard work has paid off…..Bob.

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