Welcome to Delta One Canines Coventry

Delta One Canines are committed to providing training and behavioural advice to dog owners that is effective, acceptable and affordable.

We firmly believe that education of dog owners results in better behaved, manageable dogs that have a greater quality of life than they may otherwise have had. Dog ownership should be a pleasure for all concerned.

Professional Caring Dog Training

Training for dogs of all ages

Behavioural Consultations

For owners who experience particular problems with their dogs, Delta One Canines are able to offer a behavioural consultation.

This consultation will identify the root cause of the problem. A behaviour modification programme can then be put into place to remedy matters.

1-2-1 Pet Dog Training

If you don't enjoy being in a group class why not enquire about 1-2-1 pet dog training?

All breeds are welcome and you can enjoy having the instructor's complete attention.

Both dogs and owners can learn and progress at their own pace